Being isolated in one’s home due COVID government regulations preventing you from going out or being physically unable to leave your home can lead to additional stress as well as physical deconditioning.

We’re delighted at Physit to be able to offer video consultations and home exercise plans for all new and existing patients, where a home visit is not possible.

We are currently using the following platforms for the video calls: Facetime, Zoom and Skype.

What are the benefits of a video consultation?

The great benefit of video sessions during isolation is the ability for patients to keep up with their rehabilitation and training whilst remaining safe and socially distanced in their own home.

These consultations help keep patients on their road to full recovery by carrying on with their current individualised home exercise programs (HEP), whilst being overseen by their therapist. Patients can also use these sessions to voice any new aches, pains or queries regarding their rehab, HEP, etc..  

Patient exercises are uploaded real-time during the video session to a free downloadable app called PhysiApp.

Patients will find step by step instructions, together with video demonstrations, explaining how to perform these exercises as well as set reminders to help with programme compliance.

You will also be able to give feedback within the app on each exercise for your therapist to review and make individualised adjustments to your programme.

What happens during a video consultation/session?

You will need to clear a space big enough to perform your exercises. Your Physio will be ready on the line to talk you through the session and show you any new exercises and progressions.

The devices used for the session (phone, laptop, tablet) will need to be setup up so that you are in full view. (We will help how to place the device so that we, the therapists, get the right angle)

What equipment is needed?

Typical equipment a patient may need:

  • a yoga/exercise mat, if they have wooden/slippery floor
  • theraband/mini band (these can be ordered directly through Physit if required)
  • a chair
  • cans of beans, tomatoes or hand weights if you have them (lots of home ‘equipment’ can be used to add a bit a resistance or weight to progress exercises)

With all these things in place, we can then describe and demonstrate a movement or exercise that we would like you to perform and create the best individualised session for you!

We all know that exercise itself can give you an endorphin (feel good hormones) boost. We aim to make these sessions fun and energised so patients end their appointment on a high and ready to take on the day!

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