According to the NHS, around 1 in 3 adults over the age of 65 will fall at least once in twelve months. The natural effects of ageing, underlying medical conditions and poor environments such as bad carpeting or slippery floors are the main causes of falls in this age group. However, early physiotherapy intervention for those over 65 and at risk of falls, could prevent 160,000 falls, saving the NHS a staggering £250 million every year.

How a fall can affect an Elderly Person

Aside from the immediate injury, the effects of falling can linger on and impact on the elderly person not only physically, but psychologically and emotionally. It is quite common to suffer a loss of confidence which results in a desire to remain indoors more and walk less for fear of falling again. Although this seems like a sensible option to reduce the possibility of repeat falls, it has the opposite effect! Exercise is vitally important to build and retain muscle strength which helps prevent future falls. Equally, fresh air is essential for everyone but especially the elderly, as the vital Vitamin D we get from the sun is another key element to maintaining healthy bones and muscles.

What are the benefits of elderly rehabilitation physiotherapy?

For many elderly people, retaining their sense of independence is critical for their general well-being. Our physio for the elderly programmes are geared towards restoring and maintaining that independence by focusing on developing muscle strength to recover from injury and prevent future falls. Building confidence and improving mobility is an essential part of getting our elderly patients back on their feet safely and improving their overall quality of life.

Who benefits from our treatment?

Elderly physio rehabilitation is beneficial following falls or for those patients identified as being high risk for falls. It is also used for elderly patients who have recently been discharged from hospital and for those suffering from life-limiting pain.

How can Physit help?

Our London physiotherapist can arrange to visit you in the comfort of your own home and carry out a detailed assessment to determine your specific areas of need. With the greatest of care, our physio will assess your range of movement and test out your strength and ability to balance and move around.

From here, we can set goals with you and design a tailored programme aimed at optimising your movement and improving your quality of life. We will assist you with stretching and strengthening exercises and educate and encourage you to continue with this to improve your balance.