Using the McKenzie and Maitland Method of Mechanical Assessment & Diagnosis, our trained clinicians will assess and diagnose all areas of the musculoskeletal system. Our spinal MOT covers the entire spine from the Cervical (top) to the Coccygeal (bottom).

The assessment process involves an in-depth review of your medical history and complaints. From here, we will then visually examine your spine and perform movements to assess your mobility. This will help us to diagnose your condition and design a programme of treatment for you. This treatment may be advice around specific exercises that will alleviate your symptoms, or it may require more hands-on treatment. We provide information and educational material around self-treatment which will put you in control and reduce your risk of further injury.

Cause of spinal conditions

There are many reasons why we might experience spinal conditions. Aside from poor posture and injury, post and pre-operative issues can lead to general or localised aches and pains. We will tailor a bespoke treatment plan for you to enable you to return to your previous level of activity. This plan may involve self-management, exercise rehabilitation or hands-on therapy, including mobilisation and manipulation.

We will work in partnership with you to set long term goals to aid your recovery and reduce future risk.

We typically treat spine related conditions such as:

  • Whiplash
  • Neck and Back Pain
  • Vertebral Compression Fractures
  • Cervical Spine
  • Disc Pain / Replacements
  • Sciatica / Nerve Pain

How Physit Can Help

We will arrange for a Physiotherapist to see you at a venue of your choosing. We provide rapid assessment, diagnosis and treatment to optimise your recovery.