Although mobilisation can be practised on any joint, it is most commonly used on the back or neck. The practice includes performing small, gentle movements and stretches to loosen up stiff joints, treat muscular injuries or nerve damage. We will tailor this therapy according to your level of pain and sensitivity.


This more advanced manipulation procedure can be carried out by our fully qualified specialist team of London based physiotherapists. The procedure involves a quick and sudden thrust movement performed at the end of the joint range. These results are instant, with increased flexibility in the joint and a reported decrease in the pain. Research suggests that manipulation is extremely effective in the treatment of pain and can be enhanced if used alongside mobilisation and exercise programs. We empower you to take control of your recovery process by educating and encouraging you to carry out regular exercises to complement your physiotherapy treatment.

What are the benefits of Mobilisation and Manipulation?

Your Physit physiotherapist in South West London can mobilise and manipulate your joints to ease back and neck pain, increase your range of movement and flexibility.

How Physit can help

Our physiotherapist will first arrange to carry out a preliminary physical assessment to ascertain the best course of treatment for your needs. This assessment will be carried out at a place of your choosing within the area. With the greatest of care, our physio will assess your range of movement and test out your strength and ability to balance and move around.

From here, we can set goals with you and design a tailored programme aimed at optimising your movement and flexibility and decreasing your pain. If appropriate, we will use mobilisation and manipulation techniques to relieve you of pain and increase your flexibility. We will assist you with stretching and strengthening exercises and educate and encourage you to continue with this to complement your physiotherapy treatment.