Our Physiotherapists based in London will encourage and support you to practice post-surgery exercises to improve your flexibility and movement. We will help condition and mobilise your joints and muscles, which will, in turn, relieve any circulatory or respiratory issues that developed as a result of your surgery.

We typically provide post-surgery rehabilitation following:

  • Shoulder surgery
  • Spinal surgery
  • Hip replacement and Groin surgery
  • Knee surgery / replacements
  • Foot & Ankle surgery

Benefits of Post-Surgery Rehabilitation

Post-Surgery physiotherapy is vital for the effective management of pain. The immediate benefits include improving your circulation and movement through mobilising your joints. This will also help improve lung function and clear secretions that are commonly experienced post-surgery. The medium to long term benefits includes stretching and strengthening muscles, improving posture and helping you return to form.

How Physit can help

From the comfort of your home, our Physiotherapists will carry out a full post-surgery assessment and design a programme of therapy geared towards aiding your recovery. We will help you understand the time frame for recovery and work with you to set realistic short and long-term goals based on this. We provide rapid assessment, diagnosis and treatment to optimise your recovery.