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Phoebe Machin - Physit

With 25 years of experience as a physiotherapist in Australia and the UK and seeing a growing demand for people to be treated at home due to their immobility following injury or surgery, I began the journey of Physit in 2014.

Physit represents my beliefs: I am passionate about the quality of healthcare and service standards patients receive not just from professional perspective but also from a personal standard of care and human touch. I have always believed in a hands-on approach and treating our clients in their own environment enables us to understand their personal surroundings and the challenges they face in rehabilitating them back to their full capacity.

Treatment is a journey. It involves many facets apart from the professional skill set required to successfully treat and rehabilitate someone. It has always been my belief that successful outcomes arrive when you are prepared to stand beside your client every step of the way ensuring they are fully supported throughout their journey to better health.


We are committed to making physiotherapy accessible for everyone. By providing treatment at a location of your choice. Physit will attend your home, hotel or workplace to ensure your treatment and recovery is convenient for you.

Research suggests that early assessment and treatment, results in accelerated recovery time. So why wait around until you have time to visit a clinic? Our mobile physiotherapy unit will come to you, empowering you to start your treatment sooner.


Your London physiotherapist will be able to diagnose and treat your injury whether you are at work, hotel, home or on the sporting field.


The musculoskeletal system comprises of bones, cartilage, ligaments, tendons, nerves, muscles and blood supply. Any one or all of these tissues can be damaged during an injury. First of all, your physio will conduct a thorough assessment to determine the extent of your injury. We will then help you to understand your injury and explore the best possible treatment of rehabilitation choices.


We use a variety of techniques to optimize healing for your injury. These include “hands-on” treatment such as massage, joint mobilization and manipulation. Your physiotherapist may also use acupuncture for the treatment of your pain and spasm. For patients suffering from patellofemoral pain, we use taping to enable better mechanical facilitation of muscles for performance.

With permission, your physiotherapist will photograph you and provide you with a programme of exercises all geared towards optimising your recovery.


Our team keep up with the latest research and protocols with regular CPD and team meetings to ensure our clients are getting the best support they need. We also educate and communicate wherever possible to family members, carers and other health professionals involved with our client’s clinical pathway.


  • "I visited Physit and Phoebe Machin when I developed knee pain following a suddden increase in my exercise intensity. I was immediately reassured by Phoebe as she listened to my story and concerns. Sh..."

    Paul Henderson

  • "Booked an emergency appointment - they were lovely and understanding squeezing me in on the same day I called. The therapist arrived and set up at my work, which was super convenient for me. She work..."

    Dominique Alterskye

  • "I found myself in the early hours of the morning suffering from rapidly increasing back pain. I left a message at Physit and luckily they were able to fit me in at 8am the same day. I had several ses..."

    Martin Bazley

  • "As a footballer I've had many therapists for my injuries but my Physit therapist is by far the best massage therapist I've ever had. Highly knowledgeable, cares about her patients recovery and has so..."

    Axelle Courlander

  • "Physit is the best. They are amazing. Completely rehabilitated about 3 home visits whilst in London"


    Sandie Hogarth-Scott

  • "I felt pain in my legs and ankles after walking just 20 minutes or so, every time I went out. After some six sessions they have done their magic with a combination of physiotherapy and practical advi..."

    Darby C. London

  • "Suffering from a pinched nerve in my shoulder, I was in constant pain and had tingling in my hand. It also caused lack of sleep as I woke frequently to change position and relieve it.

    I had 5 sess..."

    David Hodgson

  • "I have been going to Physit now for about five years during which time they have treated my back, shoulder and foot. They are very thorough and always identifie the cause of the problem. The diagnose..."

    Rachel Hewlett

  • "I have suffered two sports injuries over the last 5 years and on both occasions have sought treatment from Physit. While others hear, they carefully listen and as a result treat injuries appropriatel..."

    Gary Watkins

  • "They have helped get me back on my feet on many occasions. They have expert knowledge and is always a pleasure to see. They also have some very useful acupuncture needles!"..."

    Alistair McGowan

  • "I have been absolutely delighted by their treatment of my knee. They immediately brought relief and flexibility to my condition. Above all their understanding and supportive manner are great salve an..."

    Liz G

  • "I have had the most professional Physiotherapy for my new knee and recently a new shoulder in my home by Physiotherapists from PHYSIT.

    When you work out the cost of a Taxi, both ways and the waiti..."

    J. R.

  • "Physit was recommended to me by the physiotherapists treating me at the Clavadel, a convalescent home near Guildford. I was treated there following a fractured femur.
    I was delighted to discover th..."

    L. H.

  • "I used the services of Physit following a road accident which resulted in me having pins down one side of my ankle and a plate down the other. I needed almost a year of physiotherapy to get back on (..."

    A. L.

  • After my hip replacement I was in need or rehabilitation and went to Physit, recommended by a friend. With their level of expertise I felt I was in good, professional hands. They have helped me enorm..."

    L. R.

  • The physio was brilliant - the therapists are all charming, very professional and really worked me hard so that I have made a very good progress. My Consultant referred to my progress as phenomenal!..."


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