We are committed to making physiotherapy accessible for everyone. By providing treatment at a location of your choice. Physit will attend your home, hotel or workplace to ensure your treatment and recovery is convenient for you.

Research suggests that early assessment and treatment, results in accelerated recovery time. So why wait around until you have time to visit a clinic? Our mobile physiotherapy unit will come to you, empowering you to start your treatment sooner.


Your London physiotherapist will be able to diagnose and treat your injury whether you are at work, hotel, home or on the sporting field.


The musculoskeletal system comprises of bones, cartilage, ligaments, tendons, nerves, muscles and blood supply. Any one or all of these tissues can be damaged during an injury. First of all, your physio will conduct a thorough assessment to determine the extent of your injury. We will then help you to understand your injury and explore the best possible treatment of rehabilitation choices.


We use a variety of techniques to optimize healing for your injury. These include “hands-on” treatment such as massage, joint mobilization and manipulation. Your physiotherapist may also use acupuncture for the treatment of your pain and spasm. For patients suffering from patellofemoral pain, we use taping to enable better mechanical facilitation of muscles for performance.

With permission, your physiotherapist will photograph you and provide you with a programme of exercises all geared towards optimising your recovery.


Our team keep up with the latest research and protocols with regular CPD and team meetings to ensure our clients are getting the best support they need. We also educate and communicate wherever possible to family members, carers and other health professionals involved with our client’s clinical pathway.