Getting back onto the slopes can be a doddle for some who have kept a good baseline fitness throughout the year with the other sports they participate in, but for others…..well, lets just say, that a little pre-ski holiday preparation can really make a huge difference – and not just to the tired jelly legs around day 2-3, but to your entire body’s enjoyment of the whole holiday and MOST IMPORTANTLY, in minimising the risk of injury!

So let’s begin by just walking you through the basics to get you tuned up and back in the ski/snowboarding saddle again!….and lets make it fun! We’ve all heard of HIIT sessions by now, so here is your ski-HIIT to keep you fit!

** If you know that you are injury prone or are suffering from joint or muscle pain, it is a very good idea to be assessed by one of our physios first before beginning our programme.

Increase your basic AEROBIC fitness – try a 15-20min jog, swim or cycle. If this is an impossible activity to schedule in then why don’t you do a good power walk to and from work, the supermarket, school to collect the kids. Hit the pavement…..FAST! swinging your arms and striding out! Give it a purpose!


Step ups

3 sets of 10 secs. Build up to 20-30 secs

Squat jumps on the spot or moving forwards

3 sets of 10 secs. Build up to 20 secs

Side to side jumps

3 sets of 10 secs. Build up to 20secs

Split leg jumps

3 sets of 10 secs. Build up to 20 secs

Triceps & Thoracic rotations

3 sets of 10 secs. Building up to 20 secs

Balance one leg +/- single squat to heel raise

Try and do 5 heel raises in a row and repeat 3 x each side


2 x 30 second hold each side



Hip Flexor & Calf