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Acupuncture Awareness Week

| 26th February, 2013

According to Section 1.4 Care pathway of the NICE clinical guidelines, acupuncture, manual therapy and a structured programme are all recommended choices of treatment for non-specific low back pain. The guidelines more specifically state that a course of dry needling up to sessions over 12 weeks can be very effective in managing pain for these […]

Educogym 12 day programme to increase strength and tone up!

| 25th February, 2013

Educogym are putting me through their 12 day programme to reinforce just how effective they are when it comes to reshaping and strengthening their clients. Day 1: The meausrements and “before” shots. Catherine really takes the time to assess you, take your measurments and establish what your exact goals are. Whilst most personal instructors do […]

Physiotherapy Works! Evidence of early intervention of musculoskeletal injuries

Physiotherapy Works! Evidence of early intervention of musculoskeletal injuries

| 21st February, 2013

Day 2 of Zero to Hero

Day 2 of Zero to Hero

What a stunning Spring day! Day 2 completed and feeling good.

Up and Running – “Zero to Hero” Challenge – Standing start to running 5km in 6 weeks

| 19th February, 2013

In an attempt to get back into running after having back surgery 18months ago, I was a recommended the “Zero to Hero” Up and Running training schedule to try: Week 1: Mon 10mins: walk 1min, jog 2mins Tues Rest Wed 10mins: walk 1min, jog 2mins Thurs Rest Fri 10mins: walk 1 min, jog 2mins Sat […]

Pre-ski Fitness Programme

| 25th October, 2012

Improving your fitness prior to your skiing holiday can reduce the risk of injury and increase your enjoyment. Follow this simple exercise plan to improve your general fitness, flexibility and strength. 1) General Fitness It is important to improve your aerobic fitness, so increase activities such as: Jogging Swimming Cycling Aerobics Gradually increase intensity and […]

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